CSA Structure

As an informal body, the CSA functions through meetings, conference calls and day to day cooperation among the securities regulatory authorities. The CSA Chairs meet quarterly in person. The meetings are called and arranged by the Chair of CSA, and the location of the meetings rotates.

For more information, please see the CSA Terms of Reference.

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by members for two year terms. The current Chair is Mr. Louis Morisset, President and Chief Executive Officer, Autorité des marchés financiers. The Vice-Chair is Mr. Kevin Hoyt, Chief Executive Officer, Financial and Consumer Services Commission.


The CSA established a permanent Secretariat in March 2004 in Montreal to provide the organizational stability necessary for CSA to function efficiently. It also monitors and coordinates the work of various CSA committees on policy initiatives. The Secretary General is Ms. Laura Belloni.

Policy Coordination Committee

The CSA established the Policy Coordination Committee in August 2003. Its members are the chairs of eight regulators (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia). The Chair of the Policy Coordination Committee is Mr. Grant Vingoe, Acting Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Securities Commission. The Policy Coordination Committee oversees CSA’s policy development initiatives and facilitates decision making. It acts as a forum for timely resolution of policy development issues, monitors ongoing issues and provides recommendations to the CSA Chairs for their resolution. The Policy Coordination Committee meets bi-weekly by conference calls.

CSA IT Systems Office

The CSA IT Systems Office manages the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and enhancement of the CSA’s national systems (SEDAR, SEDI, and NRD).

CSA Standing and Project Committees

Each CSA member has its own staff who work on policy development and deliver regulatory programs through their participation in CSA Committees. There are permanent committees and project committees at CSA. Standing committees include, Executive Directors, Enforcement, Market Oversight, Registrant Regulation, Investment Funds and Investor Education. Project committees are formed to work on specific policy projects. They deal with subjects such as short and long form prospectuses, continuous disclosure, proportionate regulation, and investor confidence.