About SEDAR+

Welcome to the SEDAR+ information site

SEDAR+ is the new, secure web-based platform that will be used by all market participants to file, disclose and search for issuer information in Canada’s capital markets.

Here, you’ll find important information and updates about SEDAR+, including the steps filing organizations must take before they can start using the new system.

Please check back regularly, as these pages will continue to be updated with new information.   

Latest SEDAR+ updates


Learn the steps organizations must take to gain access to SEDAR+ when it goes live. This includes all issuers, future SEDAR+ subscribers, and Report of Exempt Distribution filers in all jurisdictions.

October E-newsletter

Read the latest edition of SEDAR+ Connection for next steps and a summary of feedback received during the SEDAR+ Pilot Program. 


Navigate the SEDAR+ learning curve with a comprehensive catalogue of step-by-step instructional videos, training events and other resources coming in February 2023.


Access the support and guidance you need throughout the transition to SEDAR+ and after the system is live.