Choosing an Adviser

If you decide that investing on your own is not for you, one of the most important investment decisions may be choosing the right financial adviser.

In Canada, anyone trading securities or in the business of advising clients on securities must be registered with the provincial or territorial securities regulator, unless an exemption applies. A securities regulator will only register firms and individuals if they meet certain standards.

The category of registration tells you what products and services a firm or individual can offer. Being registered, however, doesn’t mean that all firms and individuals have the same skills, provide the same services or charge the same fees. Make sure you understand their qualifications, and the products or services they are selling you.

Are they registered? Find out if the person or company is registered in your province or territory.

Helpful Tools:

Working with a Financial Adviser (AcrobatPDF) – Download the full booklet for information about choosing a financial adviser and making the most of the relationship
Questions to ask when choosing a financial adviser (AcrobatPDF) – Download this list of important questions to ask when choosing an adviser
Check before you invest (workbook) (AcrobatPDF) – Download this workbook to help you record information found while choosing a financial adviser
Understanding Registration (AcrobatPDF) – Guide to understanding registration search results