CSA IAP annual activities review

CSA IAP annual activities review 2022-2023

The CSA Investor Advisory Panel (IAP, or the Panel) is pleased to present its first annual review describing its activities from September 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

The IAP’s activities during the period reflected the Panel members’ commitment to deliver on its mandate to represent the interests of retail investors by providing independent advice to the CSA.

In its inaugural year, the IAP undertook a full review of CSA policy development initiatives under the current business plan and became actively engaged in key projects with significant investor impact. The IAP also developed processes for engaging with CSA working groups on initiatives, resulting in positive working relationships enhancing the panel’s ability to provide advice.

Finally, the CSA IAP provides insight and feedback to proposals before they are made public. This allows the Panel to influence the impact of the projects throughout the life of the project.