SEDAR+ Transition

Future SEDAR+ subscribing organizations are encouraged to prepare for the launch of SEDAR+ on June 13, 2023.

The move to SEDAR+ will be a significant change for issuers, future SEDAR+ subscribing organizations, and registered users. The CSA is committed to providing all organizations and users with the guidance and support you need to enable a smooth transition to SEDAR+.

We encourage all issuers (including foreign issuers and exempt markets) and future SEDAR+ subscribers (self-filing issuers, filing agents and investment fund managers) to take full advantage of the extended SEDAR+ Transition timeframe.

Your transition process includes:

  • Onboarding: Providing the required information and documents to have accounts, issuer profiles and/or investment fund profiles set up in SEDAR+
  • Training:  Learning how to use the new workflow and features of the new system
  • Readiness: Making internal preparations, which may include internal process changes that reflect the new SEDAR+ workflow

Your decision to invest time and effort in the SEDAR+ Transition now will help minimize access and learning curve disruptions to your filing experience.


Issuers and future SEDAR+ subscribing organizations

A series of steps must be taken before you can access SEDAR+. Complete this Onboarding process in early 2023 to have access on day one.

Issuers and future SEDAR+ subscribing organizations

All future SEDAR+ users can access training in February 2023, through the publicly accessible SEDAR+ Learning Centre and the SEDAR+ Help Centre.