February 2022

Welcome to SEDAR+ Connection!

When the first phase of SEDAR+ goes live late in 2022, it will mark a significant step to achieving our long-term vision for a modern, integrated regulatory technology system.

Building a modern IT platform

Our vision with SEDAR+ is ultimately to create a seamless platform that reduces the time and cost of securities regulatory compliance across Canada.

Improving the user experience

Do you enter filings into legacy SEDAR today, or access information from the system? If so, the SEDAR+ migration should be good news for you. Using the new platform will be easier, more intuitive, and more accessible than ever before.

Get ready: the transition begins summer 2022

We’re preparing comprehensive training and online assistance to make sure you’re ready and supported to use SEDAR+ when it goes live late this year. It’s a big change, and we’re getting ready to work through it with users and other stakeholders.