SEDAR+ Onboarding

All organizations that currently subscribe to SEDAR must complete a series of steps to gain access to SEDAR+. All issuers must take steps to enable filing on their profiles. The process of completing those steps is called Onboarding.

We encourage all future SEDAR+ subscribers to complete the three-step Onboarding process to ensure SEDAR+ access on day one.

SEDAR subscribing organizations are encouraged to complete the three-step Onboarding process before April 14, 2023, to secure access to SEDAR+ when it launches on June 13, 2023.

Organizations that complete Onboarding by April 14, 2023, will:

  • Save time and effort with a secure process for submitting required issuer information.
  • Be ready to file on their first day with SEDAR+, with issuer filing relationships set up in the new system.
  • Receive support from the dedicated SEDAR+ Transition support team.

SEDAR+ Onboarding invitations

Here’s when you can expect to receive your specific Onboarding invitations and/or information:

SEDAR subscribing organizations,
including Report of Exempt Distribution (RED) self-filers
late November
All issuers with profiles in SEDARDecember
RED filers that only file through provincial or territorial systemslate January
Foreign issuerslate January

SEDAR subscriber primary contacts have been sent invitations to SEDAR+ Onboarding information sessions, which are being held the week of December 12, 2022. At these sessions, we will walk through the Onboarding requirements, including legal agreements, new supplementary information requirements, the submission site and more.

If you have not received your invitation to sign up for Onboarding, please contact SEDAR+ Support.

SEDAR+ Onboarding requirements

The administrative legal agreements provided below govern the use of the SEDAR+ system along with the account and issuer data stored in it. Every issuer, filer and filing agent must submit at least one of the following agreements:

  • Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA) – for ALL organizations that file in SEDAR+
    The EFA must be completed and submitted by every organization that accesses SEDAR+ to file or has their information filed in SEDAR+, including issuers using filing agent(s). An EFA is required to set up issuer profiles and to submit issuer filings.

    If issuers use multiple filing agents, they must designate a primary filing agent, who can then submit the signed EFA, FAAF and required issuer profile information during the Onboarding process.
  • Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF) – for issuers and investment funds that use filing agent(s)
    The FAAF is a new requirement, which must be completed and submitted by issuers who use a filing agent, or multiple filing agents. This agreement grants the filing agent(s) permission to complete specific filing types in SEDAR+ on the issuer’s behalf.
  • Additional account and issuer profile information requirements (also known as supplementary information)
    Before each organization account can be created and issuer filing access granted, organizations must provide new account and issuer profile supplementary information.
    In addition to new required fields in SEDAR+, some fields that are optional in SEDAR will be required fields in SEDAR+. This data is needed to enable some of the new filing and regulatory features and functionality of the system.

Why are new agreements required for SEDAR+?

As is standard practice with software programs and web-based platforms, each CSA national system requires formal acceptance of legal terms before providing login credentials for registered users.

SEDAR+ is a new web-based system, thus there are new legal agreements specific to SEDAR+ that must be completed to gain access to the system.

If you are a(n)…

Issuer using a filing agent

  • Complete FAAF for each filing agent you use and provide to those filing agents for submission

Self-filing issuer

  • Review, sign and submit the EFA
  • Provide supplementary information

Self-filing Investment Fund Manager

  • Review, sign and submit the EFA
  • Provide supplementary information for each investment fund

Filing Agent

  • Review, sign and submit your own EFA
  • Submit FAAF for all issuer clients
  • Where named as primary agent, submit issuer EFA and provide supplementary information for corporate issuer clients and/or investment fund clients


Note: If your organization does not allow downloads of ZIP files, please click here to download individual documents.