About CUSIP data

The CTO Database uses the CUSIP number as a security identifier. These numbers are assigned to securities trading in Canada and the United States. Other securities identifiers, such as SEDOL (which identifies securities trading in the United Kingdom) and ISIN (international security identifier which is formed by adding CA in front of the CUSIP number), are not available through the CTO Database. 

The CUSIP number is nine characters long. The first six characters identify the issuer, the seventh and eighth characters identify the type of security and the last digit is used as a check digit. The CTO Database only provides (when available) the first six digits of the CUSIP. 

The CUSIP numbers are automatically retrieved from a list provided by S&P Capital IQ. However, in some instances, when the company name is uploaded to the CTO Database it does not exactly match the company name on the S&P Capital IQ list. In these instances, no CUSIP number will be available through the CTO Database. Also, no CUSIP number will be assigned to Orders that ban trading by certain individuals and/or companies. It remains the obligation of users to conduct the necessary due diligence to determine whether or not a specific trade can be executed. As such, we emphasize the importance of reading all decisions to fully understand their scope. 

CUSIP data is proprietary to CUSIP Global Services, managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association by S&P Capital IQ. To download a complete list of CTOs which includes CUSIP numbers, you must have a license agreement directly with Standard & Poor’s. If you are licensed to use CUSIPs, please contact the CSA Secretariat. They will enable your account so that you can download a complete list of CTOs and CUSIP numbers when you are logged into the CTO database. 

If you don’t have a license to use CUSIPs, after you have subscribed you can still download up to 200 cease trade order records with CUSIPs at a time without a fee. This is an auditable process, and the CSA may track your access and provide Standard & Poor’s CUSIP Service Bureau with a history of your downloading activities.

General Information

For further information regarding the cease trade order database, you can contact the CSA Secretariat.