Coverage by Jurisdiction

Securities Regulators are responsible to update the CTO Database. Coverage for CTOs banning trading in securities of issuers as a result of a continuous disclosure default begins on the date indicated in the table below.

Jurisdiction+Active CTOsInactive CTOs
British Columbia++19722004
New Brunswick++20062006
Newfoundland and Labrador++ Participating*Participating*
Northwest Territories++20042004
Nova Scotia++20052005
NunavutNot participatingNot participating
Prince Edward IslandNot participatingNot participating
Saskatchewan++1980Not participating
Yukon++Not participatingNot participating

Coverage for cease trade orders banning trading in securities of issuers as a result of an enforcement action that involves an investigation of potential wrongdoing and banning trading by certain individuals and companies begins on the date indicated in the respective table below.

Jurisdiction+Active CTOsInactive CTOs
British Columbia++19812004
New Brunswick++20052005
Newfoundland and Labrador++20052005
Northwest Territories++20052005
Nova Scotia++20022005
NunavutNot participatingNot participating
Prince Edward Island++Not participatingNot participating
Saskatchewan++1984Not participating
Yukon++Not participatingNot participating

* participating, but no CTOs in this category as of June 30, 2006
** Enforcement CTO as of January 2004 / Management CTO as of April 2005
+ With the adoption of MI 11-103, certain CTOs issued by securities regulatory authorities automatically take effect in other jurisdictions. These other jurisdictions do not issue separate orders in these circumstances. Click here for more information.
++ As a result of the statutory amendments Alberta, Nova Scotia, Québec, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador, certain orders issued in other provinces or territories automatically take effect in Alberta, Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. These provinces do not issue separate orders in these circumstances. Click here for more information.