Transforming the investor experience

Protecting investors and providing access to public record information are key responsibilities of the CSA. SEDAR+ will greatly improve the overall investor experience by providing a single source for issuer information.  

Currently, that information is hosted by the CSA and individual jurisdictions on multiple databases and systems. That means anyone trying to do their Canadian securities due diligence must first know which websites contain the information they seek and separately search each one.   

By the end of Phase 3, SEDAR+ will transform that experience by consolidating the information under one, publicly accessible, digital roof.   

SEDAR+ will greatly improve investor access to issuer information.   

One site. One source.  

When it launches in February 2023, the public search in SEDAR+ will provide easy access to public documents or enforcement details, including issuer documents, Cease Trade Orders (CTOs), disciplinary actions and reporting issuer lists. 

Users will have access to a variety of data including the names of those who have been subject to sanctions, regardless of how serious and when the sanctions occurred, and summary details of any disciplinary action, including any trading bans. Related information will be linked through user-friendly navigation, and issuer profiles will include ‘flags’ linking to any related CTOs and disciplinary action details, and vice versa.  

Learning resources   

On demand video courses have been specifically developed for public users. The courses provide a basic overview of the key functions of SEDAR+ and have step-by-step instructions on performing public searches and downloading documents.  

These courses will be on the SEDAR+ Learning Centre, which will be available beginning in December. The Help Centre will also have helpful information for investors; it will be available in February 2023 when SEDAR+ launches. 

Improved experience  

The CSA has been listening to feedback from investors and other capital market participants, and the overall investor experience was thoughtfully considered in the design of SEDAR+. A preview video focusing on the public search function will be published in the fall to give all users a sense of the new look and feel. 

SEDAR+ will considerably improve access to regulatory securities information. The CSA looks forward to sharing it with you and continuing to improve the experience of SEDAR+ over time.

June 2022
Information provided is accurate at time of publication.