SEDAR+ Transition: What to expect

The CSA’s decision to shift the launch of SEDAR+ to June provides all users with more time to prepare for the significant changes to come. Originally, the SEDAR+ transition was scheduled for five months. Now, SEDAR subscribing organizations and their users have nearly eight months to get set up, learn the new system, and make internal preparations for SEDAR+.

SEDAR subscribing organizations should plan to start getting ready for the transition in November, to ensure they take full advantage of this additional preparation time.

Onboarding: November 2022 to April 2023

Beginning in November, all SEDAR subscribers will be invited to participate in Onboarding in advance of the SEDAR+ launch. If you’re a subscriber with filing deadlines from June to December 2023, we strongly encourage you to participate in this process to secure SEDAR+ access on day one.

The Onboarding process will take time, particularly for organizations that file on behalf of many issuers and investment funds.

The CSA Service Desk will send the first email about Onboarding to primary contacts of SEDAR subscribing organizations in November. The email will ask them to determine who will require access to the secure site that will be used to submit Onboarding information and documents, as well as required information to set up profiles and filing access.

The second step is to start gathering the required information and documents that need to be submitted. The formal submission ‘window’ will open in January; however, a significant amount of the preparation work can be completed before that third step begins.

The Onboarding submission window will be open for over three months, closing in April 2023.

Training: February 2023 onward

Pilot participants provided positive feedback on the early version of the SEDAR+ Learning Centre and the interactive sessions held during the Pilot.

They found the learning on demand videos to be very helpful for both preparing to use SEDAR+ and to understand how their personal and business practices may need to change.

Once the Pilot participants had SEDAR+ basics in hand, the interactive question and answer sessions helped solidify the bridge from their existing SEDAR practices to their new practices in SEDAR+.

We’re bringing a similar experience to all subscribers, as well as taking Pilot participant feedback to add some new learning on demand courses and updating others to better help with the learning curve.

The Learning Centre will be available beginning in February 2023. It will be available 24/7 for all users throughout the transition to SEDAR+ and continue to be updated after the launch. Along with the resources provided on the Learning Centre, the added sessions and a dedicated transition support team will help all users feel supported as they get to know SEDAR+.

Next steps

If you are the SEDAR primary contact for your organization, watch for the first Onboarding email from the CSA Service Desk in November. More information about the transition to SEDAR+ will be provided on the CSA website in the coming weeks. Watch for those updates and more details in the next edition of this newsletter.

October 2022
Information provided is accurate at time of publication.