Building a modern IT platform

Our vision with SEDAR+ is ultimately to create a seamless platform that reduces the time and cost of securities regulatory compliance across Canada. The legacy systems we’re replacing are decades old, and they are unable to “speak” to one another to report data effectively.

We are migrating the functionality and historical data of legacy systems to SEDAR+ in three phases, beginning in 2022.

The legacy SEDAR (left) program will be replaced with SEDAR+ (right) in late 2022.

The first legacy systems to be incorporated into the new platform are legacy SEDAR, the Disciplined List (DL) and Cease Trade Order (CTO) databases, exempt market systems in Ontario and B.C., and certain paper filings. All these systems will migrate to the new SEDAR+ platform late in 2022, with user training beginning mid-year.

The second phase of the program will see legacy SEDI (the insider trading tracking system) migrate to SEDAR+. The third phase will add legacy NRD and NRS (the registrant tracking systems).

We are working to finalize timing for the second and third phases. Once the SEDAR+ migration is complete, we can consider more ambitious re-engineering of some regulatory processes, responding to input from stakeholders across the country.

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February 2022
Information provided is accurate at time of publication.