SEDI Issuer Information

Who should establish an Issuer account?

Issuer accounts are designed to be used by issuers (other than mutual funds) that are required to file documents with SEDAR under National Instrument 13-101. SEDI allows designated staff who manage the issuer activities on behalf of the issuer to electronically file information and issuer event reports 24 hours a day, subject to service interruptions.

What can I do with an Issuer account?

An issuer account is established to allow the issuer representative to create an issuer profile supplement, as required under securities regulation (Form 55-102F3) and to create Issuer Event Reports (Form 55-102F4).

Must I file through SEDI?

SEDI is a mandatory disclosure system for insiders to report trading activities and for issuers to report events. Issuers must file a profile supplement within three business days after becoming an issuer. Issuers must file an Issuer Event Report (Form 55-102F4) no later than one business day following the occurrence of the event.

Getting started

To use the system, the issuer representative must first create a SEDI user account to establish an ID and password, and then login and create an issuer profile supplement. You will need the following information:

  • User’s full name
  • Employer’s name
  • Address
  • Daytime telephone number (fax and email if available).
  • A security verification question (for example: “The name of my dog when I was a child.”).

Registering a SEDI account

Establishing a SEDI account is a six-step process and you must complete the process in one session to register an account.

Step #1: Fill in the blanks

On the Welcome to SEDI page, click “Register as a SEDI User” in the right corner. This will take you to the Register Page with an online registration form (Form 55-102F5). Complete that form. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that you enter your proper name using upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not use nicknames, initials or abbreviations.
  • Include address information.
  • Do not leave any section blank.
  • Use the term “not applicable” if a listed category does not apply.

Step #2: Pick the appropriate account

Identify the type of SEDI account (issuer, insider, agent). Issuer representatives should select the SEDI issuer classification.

(Note: users can register only once, but may select more than one type of SEDI account classification by holding down the control key (Ctrl) and using the mouse to select the desired categories.)

Step #3: Confidential question and answer

Enter your confidential question and answer, then click “Next.”

Step #4: Acceptance

Review the SEDI user Terms of Acceptance. You may want to print them at this stage. If you refuse to accept the terms, the sign-in process will be terminated and your account will not be registered.

Step #5: Certification

Once you have accepted the terms, SEDI will post the completed form for your review. If the information is correct, click the “Certify” button to submit the registration form electronically.

You will then be provided with a unique user ID and password to log onto the system. You will not be able to make filings on SEDI until the SEDI Operator verifies your registration and activates your account.

Click “Printer friendly version” to print your completed SEDI user registration form.

Step #6: Activating the account

To complete the registration process and have the account activated, issuers must fax or mail a signed copy of their completed registration form to SEDI.

(Note: Issuers cannot file information in SEDI until the SEDI Operator has activated the account.)

Mail information to:
FAX: 1-866-729-8011
CSA Service Desk
Attn: SEDI Operator
12 Millennium Blvd, Suite 210
Moncton, NB E1C 0M3

Create Issuer Profile Supplement

Once your account is activated, you must create an issuer profile supplement (Form 55-102F3) or link the account to an existing profile, before you can file issuer event reports. You will be prompted to create the profile when you first log on.

You will need the following information:

  • Issuer name or SEDAR profile number
  • Contact name and of the Issuer’s insider affairs liaison.
  • Complete address of insider affairs contact
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Fax, if available
  • Email address
  • A security verification question (for example: “The name of my cat when I was a child.”)
  • List of securities held by insiders.

Safety precaution

Upon creation of an issuer profile supplement, you will be provided with a unique security access key that you will need to modify or amend the profile in the future. You must record that information in a safe place.

Adding securities

Once you have created the issuer profile supplement, the SEDI drop-down menus allows Issuers to file various types of securities designations and create Issuer Event Reports (Form 55-102F4).