Using XBRL financial statements

How to find XBRL financial statements

XBRL financial statements are listed on You can list these XBRL financial statements by searching under the “Financial Statements – XBRL” document type. Click here to go to the search page.

Viewing XBRL financial statements

Just as you need Adobe reader to open a PDF file, you need XBRL software, commonly referred to as an “XBRL viewer”, to read XBRL data. XBRL International’s website lists some companies providing XBRL software, including XBRL viewers. Click here to view XBRL International’s XBRL Products web page.

XBRL financial statements can be made up of one or more XML and XSD files. You need all related XML and XSD type files to view an XBRL financial statement. While all of these files make up an XBRL financial statement, to view it you must open the “instance document” file.

XBRL financial statements cannot be viewed directly from To view an XBRL financial statement you must save all related XML and XSD files to your local network.

Saving instructions for XBRL financial statements

Some internet browsers do not recognize the XSD file format and will change an .xsd file extension to .xml when saving it. Changing an XSD file’s name will prevent an XBRL viewer from opening the XBRL financial statement because it cannot locate the XSD file. To avoid this problem you should make sure XSD files are saved with the .xsd file extension.