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SEDAR+: Our new Canadian securities platform system

Canada’s new web-based securities platform, SEDAR+, is a project many years in the making. When the first phase of SEDAR+ goes live late in 2022, it will mark a significant step to achieving our long-term vision for a modern, integrated regulatory technology system.

You need only to look at the SEDAR home page to guess how antiquated our legacy systems are. Building SEDAR+ is a big, tough, important project. We are confident that SEDAR+ will make it much easier for Canadian market participants to file and for investors to find information than it was in the legacy systems we are replacing on a multi-year schedule.

The new SEDAR+ platform will evolve and improve over time. Once the core platform is up and running, we will continue to add functionality, incorporate feedback, and improve the interface through future releases. Think of the occasional updates delivered to your smartphone, for example. Future SEDAR+ releases will offer ongoing functionality and performance enhancements to keep our technology current and fulfill our technology vision.

This project is a massive undertaking for the CSA. I’d like to recognize everyone involved on the SEDAR+ project team for the incredible work they are doing to bring this big, bold vision of ours to life.

We are getting ready to share demos of the new platform with you beginning in a few short weeks. Stay tuned for the next issue of this newsletter in April, and please visit the SEDAR+ section on the CSA website for more information in the meantime.

Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

David Fountain, Chief Information Officer of the CSA

February 2022
Information provided is accurate at time of publication.